Owner’s Representation

The essence of trusted partnership

We are there to protect your investment, to give sound unbiased advice and to provide you with the knowledge, guidance and the tools you need to make educated decisions. You must perceive us as a strong partner who helps you achieve your goals. A strong partnership depends on trust – and trust is the foundation of our company.

Project team selection

Only when we have listened, understood and anticipated what a successful project looks like to you, do we begin the process of compiling the very best project team in design, construction and specialists, who can deliver on your vision, ideas and objectives.

Contracts and negotiations

The key to a successful project is thorough preparation. Starting with a detailed preliminary design, technical specifications and contractual terms and conditions, we set up a detailed and fair contract document which minimises your risk and exposure, and creates a very well-defined foundation for the project.

Budgets and planning

Keeping a close eye and control of the financial aspect, as well as keeping the project team on schedule is vital. We develop strategic solutions to resolve issues before they impact the project, but also look for opportunities where the schedule and budget can be optimized.

In practice this involves proactively reviewing all drawings to ensure common change order items are included in preliminary construction documents, and having the experience to judge pricing levels.

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