Construction & Refit Management

Exceeding expectations is our goal

Meeting your expectations is good, exceeding them is always better. We strive to provide you with an exceptional quality of service, as well as the technical support, time and dedication that are key to completing and delivering your project to the quality you expect, on time and on budget.

Design and engineering check

One of the few yacht consultancy companies with a yacht building background, we speak the same language and can effectively translate the objectives of the creative process.

By the time your project reaches the construction phase, all drawings and schematics have been thoroughly reviewed and approved to ensure adherence to specifications, codes, and contract documents.

Build supervision

With over 20 years’ experience, we have witnessed the intricacies, complexities and challenges which arise during the build of a superyacht, and can foresee problems before they appear, ensuring solutions to construction issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

By structuring scopes of work and schedules, we make sure everything moves exactly when it needs to move, and costs exactly what it’s supposed to cost.

Quality assurance

Having advanced knowledge of building materials, construction techniques and management processes enables us to ensure that every single action is performed in the right order, every detail is correctly implemented and the overall processes are consistent so that the end result is never compromised.

Commissioning and acceptance

Our systematic approach to commissioning ensures all equipment and systems are tested, and function in accordance with protocols and contract descriptions. A project is not complete until every area of the yacht has been inspected, and a clearly defined set of acceptance criteria has been met.

Want to keep complete control?